A headshot is an image that highlights your features in detail and helps your clients feel like they already know and like you. 

It should be close up, powerful, and most important professional. Its really your first impression on your website and social media platforms.




Honestly every business professional should have a high quality headshot but most especially those who work in corporate positions, models, actors, medical staff, lawyers, bankers, speakers, stylists, realtors, insurance agents, florists, government employees, artists,

 influencers, and newspersons.

yeah, that's pretty much everyone!


Can any photographer

take a


Many photographers claim to know how to take a headshot for you but have not taken any training or even know what defines a headshot. That is why I specialize in headshot photography. Not am I  trained by the best headshot photographers in the world but I also make the process fun with great results. After all, its a headshot not a mugshot! 

Jacqui H.

I'm so thankful today for Arica Lipp's artistry and skills! Not only did she make a professional photo shoot fun, but the pictures so amazingly convey my heart for what I do. Arica's process for GETTING RESULTS like this is remarkable and I'm so grateful I found her!


Leif W. 

Wow, wow, wow...is all I can say! She is PURE TALENT who made me feel special and continues to do so on the daily with these photos! Wow!

Mcneese Mcneese Realty

Thanks to Arica Lipp Photography for making us look stunning, but mostly for making it fun & memorable! We HIGHLY REOMMEND Arica, she is THE BEST!

Brittney O. 

Arica was by far the most amazing photographer I have ever worked with! The pictures were PHENOMINAL!

Devin N.

Arica did a fantastic job! She produces a wonderfully artistic work product and has GREAT VISION. Arica also fit me in her schedule late in the day on a very short notice. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't photograph well? 

If you have been the victim of bad photography, welcome to the club my friend! That is why my job is to make sure you have great photos of yourself that you actually love! 


What if I don't know what to wear?

Can't decide what outfit will look best? Not a problem. I help style all of my clients in outfits that compliment their personality as well as their website! I even will come do a wardrobe audit in your own closet or help consult you on any new items you feel you need. Its all in the details! Nothing is overlooked or forgotten. 

What about my hair or makeup? I never seem to do it right for these things!

You've come to one of my favorite aspects of my services! I hire barber, hair, and makeup professionals to take care of all of your grooming and styling on the day of your shoot!My lady clients get their hair and makeup done while my clients who are men receive the best shave, beard trim, and hair trim they've ever had! You just show up and get pampered and I'll handle the rest! 


What if I don't want my headshot to look like everyone else?

Then I'd say I am THE photographer for you! I sit down and have an in depth concept consultation with each of my clients. Here we plan out a session tailored just for you so its all yours and no one else's 

Where are headshots taken?

Almost all the highest quality headshots are taken in my professional studio. However, it is highly recommended to add some great portrait locations to your session to add valuable marketing images for your website and social media marketing. 


How long will it take?

How much does it cost?

There is something for every need, want, and budget with my offering. From a one and done to an ongoing social media content creation subscription. Starting at $200 +

For more details please contact me direc

The shoot itself could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 4hours or more depending on what your needs and wants are. But short or long shoot, I don't stop until I know with confidence you will be pleased with the results!






What kind of photograhy do you need from Arica?

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