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Not sure
of what
to do?

No Problem!

Arica has had teaching experience for over 20 years! Her style is a combination of patience + straight talk + motivation.

Below you'll see specific areas in your photography business that she is ready to assist you on. You'll choose the best fit for you and she will customize your one on one sessions to fill that need. These sessions can be done in person or over zoom so no matter where you are, Arica can help support you. Ready to grow? Book now by clicking below:


Pricing and Sales

What you will learn:

How to price for profit

How to overcome the roadblocks keeping you form making your sale.


Branding and Marketing

Get the help you need to define and own your own brand and style. 

Then learn strategies for marketing it!


Management and Systems

It is easy to get overwhelmed as an entrepreneur. Learn the shortcuts to make your workflow more seamless and less stressful. 

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