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30 over 30 project
2022 participants

"Above all, be the heroine of your own life." -Nora Ephron

This is the most difficult task that women face. Most women take care of themselves last. It is in our nature to want to nurture others. Its a beautiful characteristic that is a core part of womanhood. It involves empathy, kindness, and understanding. They think creatively, they are problem solvers. They are fighters and survivors. They are women of intelligence and spirit and I wanted to be the voice of encouragement to celebrate their lives through photography.  

Welcome to the gala! I hope you enjoy your experience as you view the portraits and read their stories. Join me in praising them for all that they are and the shining examples they set for other girls and women in the Billings community. Thank you for coming.

-Arica Lipp



Amber Newman

"I finally realized I could let go of people pleasing, set boundaries, and give myself permission to focus on me then I saw everyone else benefited as I improved! It's not selfish, it's necessary and to me a sign of maturity!"

Amber is a seasoned coach helping others on their healthy journey. She has been married to her high school sweet heart for 21 years and they have 4 sons. 

She feels that embracing herself means "accepting all areas of me. My stretch marks, loose skin, aging process, areas of growth, and obstacles I've overcome. Im's here for it!"

Empowerment to her is when she is surrounding herself " with people wo will speak truth with grace. Challenge me in a good way, help me not settle, and speak to my potential!" She is the woman she is today because of " my parents, spouse, kids, and community of like minded people in my Octavia community and definitely not least JESUS!"


Angie Stiller

"Women age like a fine wine."

Angie works in Insurance and Finance. She has become a new proud mom of her son.  She is an all in type of woman and failure is not an option. Angie believes that being a mature woman means that every year just gets better! "I feel better in my skin at 40 than I ever have."  She wants other worm to stop looking to mainstream media or the ever-changing social expectations of women.  On the changes of becoming a mom for the first time, "My son has absolutely changed my life. He brought forth a new version of myself, a stronger version of myself."



April Clark

"I really am a badass!I am strong, caring. smart, and someone who will fight for what is right."

April is works in Banking and is a mom of her 2 year old son.  She believes in making your own future happen. "Hard work is the easy part. You first have to know what you want because then you can go after it" The advice she offers other women is "We live in shame for what we think other people want us to be. When we do that we aren't being true to ourselves and It really limits us, I tell girls that they are enough and being different isn't bad, it just makes you you!"


Astghik Poghosyan

"Learn to have a healthy relationship with yourself, learn how to trust yourself, learn how to believe in yourself, learn how to support and be self-sufficient, learn how to love yourself, learn how to attend your emotional and physical needs, learn to be authentic, create healthy habits that are serving you in a good an positive way "

Astghik is a Behavioral Health Specialist at Intermountain Health. 

She lives here in Billings but is from the beautiful country of Armenia.

She wants to help other women realize their potential by "encouraging them to invest in themselves and never stop doing it, no matter how old they are, and in what life circumstances they are, never to settle forless, never accept and tolerate disrespect, even small ones, create and stay connected with support system. Got to therapy!"

The advice she would give to girls and other women would be "Learn to have a healthy relationship with yourself, learn how to trust yourself, learn how to believe in yourself, learn how to support and be self sufficient, learn how to love yourself, learn how to attend your emotional and physical needs, learn to be authentic, and create healthy habits that are serving you in a good and positive way."



Beth Caldwell

"Start doing things you actually like and stop doing things "because you're supposed to"."

Beth is a vibrant entrepreneur and owner of BC Beauty. " I have created an environment in my businesss to give space for women to be heard and listened to. I think women are so busy being everything for everyone else, they don't take enough time for their own thoughts and feelings."

The advice she gives is "We all will have feelings like we don't belong or we're not good enough. But you are unique and will always be unique, and you can never be like anyone else. Your gifts and strengths make you who you are, just because you are different, doesn't mean you are less. Embrace yourself completely, it's what makes you you and that's what we love about you! You are loved!"


Brenda Mcnaney

" When someone asserts that you can't do something, it is more a reflection of their own insecurities."

Brenda has a BA in Business Finance and is a commercial real estate appraiser. She is a single mom with two senior dogs (Riley and Lucy)

She thrives even in unique situations. "Navigating a male-dominated industry as a female has been an and empowering journey for me. Island out as a testament to breaking traditional molds and defying expectations." 

"I've learned to feel positive, strong, and empowered by celebrating my achievements that others doubted I could accomplish."

Her advice to girls and other women is "Have faith in yourselves, even in the face of others attempting to undermine you by claiming you can't achieve something."



Christina Lippert Knox

"No matter what anyone else says, it's ok to be ok."

Christina has a background in beauty but is a Real Estate Agent and owner of a GC company. She is engaged to be married soon and is the mother of 4 children. What makes her feel beautiful is "Self realization, my mood and self talk sets the tone for sure...took a long time to understand this." 

Life has taught her that, "Truly, the toughest and most painful seasons in my life have taught me to really see the most beautiful and amazing moments. Knowing that there is a lesson, silver lining, and reason for most everything helps shape you for tomorrow."

Her advice to girls and other women is "Don't be afraid to try. So you fail, good. But you learn. And NEVER let anyone dull your sparkle!"


Connie Begger

"Knowing my stretch marks came from being a mom, I wouldn't trade them for the world! Being a woman is a beautiful thing"

Connie is a train conductor, Real estate broker, and owner of the Rustic Salon. She has 3 grown daughters and one "delicious" grandson. 

What makes Connie unique is that she is not afraid of trying new things. "I hate being told I can't do something or become something, just because I'm a woman, especially a 51 year old woman. I hung up my blouses, blazers, 5" heels, and lipstick just to become a railroader! I wanted to be an example to my daughters that a woman (at any age) can earn as much money as a man can, as long as she puts her heart into it." 

Her advice to girls and women is "Don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough. That you're not man enough. That you're not smart enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone else but yourself."  



Courtney bryant

"I have things people love about me and don't love about me. That's none of my business though"

Courtney has been working in lending, banking, title and escrow, and real estate. She is married to "the love of her life" and mom to 3 children. 

She that feeling beautiful starts with "feeling my best mentally, physically, and emotionally. A good hair day and lipstick always help!"

What makes her unique is her ability to connect with people and have a strong sense of empathy. 

She has learned not to apologize for being herself. 

Her advice to girls and other women is "Keep your eye on the prize, strive for more, and know your worth. 


Dallas Knight

"Leverage every experience and embrace the lesson.."

Dallas is an army combat veteran, a barrel racer, and  and single mother of 2 sons. She is also a published author and uses her experiences to help guide others to start or continue their own journey to healing.  She feels positive by surrounding herself with inspiring and powerful women while embracing all that she is. 

As she has helped put more recognition to female combat veterans she has noticed it helping them realize their potential. "I'm focusing on the female combat veteran at the moment as I feel they are widely overlooked and underrepresented. But I've noticed through this mission, other women are being inspired to pursue their dreams."

In life she has learned to "embrace my journey rather than rejecting it or looking at the negative with pity for myself-stepping our of the victim role and into my power." 



Desiree Bond

"Go after your goals with everything that is inside of you and don't ever accept that the hand you were dealt was the one you need to play." 

Desiree is a CNA and a firecracker of a woman! She just got engaged and between the two of them they have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. 

She was brought into this project as a special surprise from her sister Stephanie (see below) 

She is unique in that she has the ability to find the positive in almost every situation and her caring heart for all those that are near and dear to her. 

Her story about being a mature woman is "I had to grow up fast being a teen mom, all the obstacles I went through helped to be more empathetic and compassionate with people. I believe in being more open minded with others and listening to their life stories has helped me grow as a person."

Her advice to girls and other women is " Don't let anyone make you believe you are less than you are. "


Jaclyn Colebank

"Don't be afraid to explore. We are in an age where you can literally do anything. Take a chance, fail, get back up and do it again until you find your passion." 

Jaclyn was in the Navy for 5 years, has owned and operated several local businesses, and has a wonderful 23 year long marriage with her husband and loves their 2 daughters. 

In preparing for this project she discovered, "I am a fairly simple person, as much fun as it is to dress up I prefer casual and comfortable. I have to be true to who I am and not what I feel others think they need to see about me. I love dad jokes and really anything that makes me laugh. Oh and I have about 30 hoodies in my closet!"

She wants to help other women realize their potential especially if they own a business and are stating out. 



Jen Rahr

"Creativity is my constant companion, infusing every endeavor with fresh perspectives and imaginative solutions"

Jen is a single mom of 2 and a graphic designer with drive and ambition. She says. "Leadership is the compass that guides me, allowing me to inspire and empower others towards shared goals."  What makes Jen feel beautiful is laughing and having fun. She feels it is during those moments that a unique kind of beauty emerges. She says, "Age cannot diminish a spirit that thrives on curiosity, laughter, and the joy of experiencing life's many facets."


Jennifer Sletten

"My potential for growth is limitless, and to be honest, I don't ever want to be mature."

Jennifer is a paralegal of 15 years and a proud mom of 3 children. She loves her labradoodles too! 

Jennifer chooses to be positive and grateful for each day. She feels empowered when she trusts her instincts and is true to herself.  

Her grandmother, who is now passed, was her greatest inspiration. "I noticed she never said a negative thing about anyone, she was kind to everyone, and she loved and accepted me no matter what, "



Jennie Groshelle

"live life to the fullest and love as much as possible."

Jennie is a a real estate broker and owner of Red Truck Real Estate. She is married with 2 beautiful girls. 

To feel beautiful she suggests "A good hair day, a good outfit, and a good drink could do the trick!"

When asked how she has learned to feel positive, strong, and empowered she said, "It took work, it took a lot of learning but in the end it's just a matter of accepting who you are and creating who you want to be." She wants to help other women realize their potential by "always being open to talk about dreams and I will stand by them to get them to their goals."

Her advice to young girls and women is: "Be yourself, don't worry about someone not liking you right now...You won't even remember why they didn't when you discover you and your whole potential. It's your time, don't waste it."


Jessica Angel

" Nothing is forever...everything keeps moving. I've learned that I have to keep moving forward no matter the cost"

Jessica is a hard working proud  mom of 3 and the new Director of the Billings Child and Adult Care Food Program.  

Embracing "me" means to her that "embracing all parts of me... the things I like and excel at and the things I don't like and need more practice on."

It is Faith, Strength, and perseverance that has helped shape her into the woman she is today. 

The advice she would offer to girls and other women is "There's always room for improvement, don't assume you know everything. Do your best until you know better and then do better."



Jessica Gaard

"Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it's not awesome, but every day, YOUR day is up to you"

Jessica is am "awesome" Realtor and happily married to her husband. They adore their 2 pups!

What makes Jessica feel beautiful is "a fabulous set of heels on date night, being barefoot on a backpacking trip, and sitting by a stream in peace with my pups. "

For her embracing herself means "Forgiving my perceived mistakes, owing my journey, and allowing people to have their own. " Her circle of friends is rich and diverse and is a fun mix of ages as well ranging from 25 to 75. "I think embracing the experience of the more mature generations and the humans in my life hs made me realize that some things really aren't that big. On the flip side, having younger friends has helped me embrace just to live in the moment and not take it all too seriously."

The advice she offers to girls and other women is "Find enough strength in yourself to leave it all on the table and walk away knowing you did."


Kacie Tisdale

"Find what you want, set your sights on it, and never give up. Compromise yourself for no one and love fearlessly through it all"

Kacie is the owner of Elan Medical Spa and is married with 3 kids.

Embracing herself means "accepting the good and the bad, making progress in your own life, continuing to grow and nurture your relationship, work, and personal life."

I asked Kacie what was her story as a mature woman and she replied, "I was forced to grow up early, and I used that opportunity to dedicate myself to having a successful career and giving back to others in my situation, and to ensuring that my family did not suffer such hardships."

Her work is also her outlet for helping other women. "I get to spend every day in my clinic, helping women feel more confident, healthier, more well-rounded. I enjoy every conversation and cherish every moment of being able to help people, feel, look, and live better." 



Krisena Curry

"To embrace myself is to have radical acceptance of my past, fierce love in the present, and hope for the future." 

Krisena has been a nurse for 20 years and has taken her passion for healing others to become a coach. 

It is her calling to learn , heal, grow, expand, and lead the way to he[ping other women find their truth and freedom through radical self love and healing, often through taboo and unconventional ways and modalities.  Her advice to girls and younger women is "keep your hearts open and love each other. "


Leanna Schwend

" Beauty lies in resilience, grit, grace, and gratitude"

Leanna is a pharmacist who owns and operates her own pharmacy in Forsyth. Along with being a happily married mom of 3 she is a passionate advocate for those who struggle with diabetes as she does.  She says "embracing being me means accepting every part of myself, diabetes and all, and using my experiences to empower others."

She believes that although "storms may come, with determination we can weather them...And in the tough world of business I've realized that accepting circumstances we can't control is key. It is what it is, and from there we focus on what we can change."  She says it is her children that has helped her most to become the woman she is today. "my children have been the bedrock of my inspiration and the driving force behind my strength."



Libby Khanke

"Do what you love to do as much as you possibly can. Our loves then to be our gifts to the world, and the purpose of life is to live joyously."

Libby is an intuitive counselor and co-owner with her husband of CK tech Security. They have 2 beautiful girls. She finds that everyone is unique. "I feel that each person is essentially a math equation where every variable in their personality add up to the sum... we can have the same variables, bu the y won't b win the same order, so the sum in each and every person is different... My sum is what makes me ME."

Speaking directly to other women Libby says, "I hope that every single woman reading this understands that they are BEAUTYDIUL, not perfect, but beautiful. I've learned that sometimes the things that make us feel ugly have another side, and the other side is often attached to the thing that makes us feel most beautiful."


Liz Francis

"You can have whatever you dream of having. Stay the course and take one more step forward each day.." 

Liz is the owner of Billings 365 and President of the Billings Association of Realtors. She is also a wife of 10 years to her husband and mother to their 2 children. She is a world traveler who also enjoys the simple things in life. When she wants to feel positive, strong, and empowered she surrounds herself "with people who have similar goals to life others up. I read books to help focus my attention on areas that I need more strength in, I take care of others to the best of my ability, this makes me feel strong."

 She likes to remind women that "You don't have to do it all. Just push to be a little better than you were the day before."



Morgan Crawford

"Break free of the limitations that are holding you back from being the divinely beautiful being you were meant to be"

Morgan is a happy wife and mom of 2 children. She is an Executive Regional VP and Independent Consultant for Arbonne International. 

On what it means to embrace being you  she says" Being true yourself. Living in alignment with my values, beliefs, and knowing who I am. Living authentically-not conforming to societal expectations or pretending to be someone you are not. Instead, embrace who I really am and live my life as an expression of the real ME."

Through her work she has learned to feel positive, strong, and empowered. "I had to develop a positive attitude and realized I have that choice."  It has also increased her desire to help others. "I always see greatness in others when they may not see it in themselves. I create a wellness community for others to gather. A place where you can come be you."


Nicole King

"We are responsible for our own happiness."

Nicole is a realtor, been married to her husband for 21 years,  and mom of 2 teenagers.  When describing herself she says" I act more like a man than a woman, or at least by our society's standards. It has taken me a long time not to be ashamed of that. I am driven, accomplished, successful, and very capable." 

Nicole has learned that in life her faith has helped her become the woman she is today. "I would be completely lost without Him" Her advice to girls and young women is "Don't mistake other people's influence for your own voice. Really listen to yourself."



Nikki Haralson

"Positivity is always an option in every scenario" 

Nikki is a mother of 4 beautiful daughters and 2 fur babies! She is the director of client operations in healthcare. She wanted to participate in this project to "show my confidence in who I've become and help inspire my girls and other women who struggle with being their authentic selves.  All of our unique mold who we are and we should all be proud of the things we've gone through and persevered." Her advice to other women is "Don't settle and try and fit in. As hard as it is to be different than the social molds, it is such a gift to be unique and discover who you are."


Salicia Borges

"I'm SUNSHINE mixed with a little HURRICANE!"

Salicia is an Optician and owns 406 Rollin' Eyes optical. She is married with 2 sweet children. 

To her to embrace who she is "knowing what you believe in and standing up for what is right! I embrace my own style everyday when I wear a different pair of eyeglasses. No they might not be for everyone but I wear them to show that you can wear bold and rock them!" She feels positive, strong, and empowered by "surrounding myself with strong women that hold me accountable and help me see my worth when I can't seem to find it in the storms of life. " To the women of the future she advises: "Other people's opinions of you aren't your business so don't make it as so. The sooner you can lean to not care about the way others think, the sooner you can have freedom from others opinions!"



Samantha Haffner

"Being kind is what makes you more beautiful than anything!"

Sam is a cosmetologist and hot yoga instructor. She is recently married and a mom to her 4 year old son. 

As an expert in beauty, Sam has found that much more comes from her work relationships than helping her clients feel pretty (although she does that too!). "When I have women in my chair at my salon suite and we open up in deep conversation, and I am there to just listen without judgement that's when I feel I can help others realize their potential. Everyone needs to be heard. When I am really connecting to people on a personal level and sharing my passions I feel like I am embracing my true self. "

Her faith fuels her daily. "I have learned to feel positive, strong, and empowered from Jesus! I coudn't do this life without him as my savior!"

Her advice to young girls is "Stop trying to grow up so fast. Just enjoy your youth! Be content in your present moment. "


Stephanie Bond-Gosnell

"Push forward in the path YOU want. Don't let someone else's negativity be your anchor."

Stephanie has been in the health industry for 23 years, is married, and has 3 children and their spouses. 

She joined the project to have this experience with her sister, also a participant. (Desiree) "She does so much for everyone, mostly me. Thank you is never enough to show her how much I truly appreciate what she does and how much she means to me." What makes Stephanie unique is her ability to see an issue and find a path forward quickly. "Work, home, life in general-there's never a problem that I cannot move past."

"My story starts years ago when I was 15. I was a teen parent. I dealt with a lot of criticism from strangers, doubt from everywhere, and worked at least twice as hard as others to prove our worth."

She is a natural mentor to others. "It takes one moment, one positive interaction or affirmation to change the trajectory of someone's path. A person did that for me and I would like to do that for others. They are worthy, they are important, and they CAN do it!"



Tricia Haugen

"We are all limited editions right?"

Tricia is a proud wife, mother of 3, and a bada$$ in the Army National Guard. She has served our country overseas and in the states for 20 years! She is a true inspiration, although humble and never one to brag on her achievements. Including running marathons!

She loves fitness and training as well as the outdoors.

Tricia's heart is limitless. In a Facebook post she offered this invitation: "if ANYONE runs out of food or necessities or times are just tough...please don't let yourself or your kids go to sleep with an empty stomach. I am more than happy to share whatever I can. Don't be afraid or embarassed to send me a private message. I will drop and go. No one has to know and I will pretend it never happened. What's understood never has to be explained. "

her family is what inspires and motivates her every single day. She embraces each day's challenges and chooses her family and to serve. 


Trish Grant

"Find the balance. The happier you are the more happy you have to give to others"

Trish is Massage Therapist and therapeutic Art Life Coach and Licensed Artist. 

She has 7 children (5 boys, 2 girls) and 5 grandchildren.  Reflecting on life she says, " maturity comes from hard life lessons. My story is one of tragedies and triumphs, but through all I have experienced, I have leaned that the pursuit of happiness is a s important as happiness. 

Her faith in God, passion for art, and love of helping others has helped shape who she has become. 

Her advice is" makes sure to take the time to get to know your true self. 

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